Important Tips for Buying Your Wedding Jewellery

The significance of marriage in India is like no other event. It is your day; no day is like the wedding day. It is your time to look your best from head to toe. Everything should be planned, that is where the fine detail comes in. The way you look or plan to look makes it more memorable for you. When after many years you may again want to feel the day through photographs.

Individuals and planners often plan a lot regarding the events to happen as well as the decorations around. In all terms and conditions of decorations, people often give less importance to their own needs.

The wedding is after all about the bride and groom, it is their day where they are on the stage. People look at them and observe their detailing like everything.

That’s why there are some factors you must take care of when you go on to buy the items of personal importance, such as make-up, jewellery.

1. Decide the Budget first and foremost

There should not be any budget constraint at the last moment, there should always be scope to add or lessen the money you put in buying the jewellery. The occasions you plan to have and the amount of number of jewelleries you would be buying should always be under the budget you plan. This keeps you away from any last moment rush.

2. Put comfort first

The jewellery is there to make you look your best. It should be worn with pride and give out an aura of grandeur. This is achieved when you are comfortable to carry it. The level of comfort is decided according to the manufacturing of the jewellery and the types of metals used.

​The better the jeweller, the greater it is for your comfort. Since the fine cuts and finishing will not be harsh on your skin or stuck with your outfit.

3. Go for the long term

The motive of buying the jewellery must be clear. Whether it is for short term or long term. Many a time the jewellery is kept for generations ahead. It should be kept in mind that the jewellery you buy must be heavy and rich in its texture. That is the design details must be unique and unmatchable.

4. Choose your jewellery then your attire

Often there are many contrasts in the outfit of a bride or groom. This happens because of a lack of planning. The shopping of jewellery must always be the first thing, then only the colours of the outfits should be decided, accordingly.

​There is no scope of mismatch on the day of your wedding. Always consult people around for your overall shopping. Namely your mother, wedding planner and your make-up artist. They are the ones who will have a holistic vision with you.

5. Keep the occasion in mind

In the Indian traditional wedding, the occasions are multi-fold including sangeet, Mehendi, engagement Ceremony, tilak/sagan Ceremony, Haldi Ceremony, Roka Ceremony.

​With so many events around one must be aware that not every occasion requires heavy jewellery. For e.g. in the event such as Roka, one can go for minimal jewellery and for the event such as Mehendi or Haldi one can opt not to go for any jewellery.

6. Keep the trends of jewellery in mind

The trends in the jewellery fashion keep on changing, it is the influencers such as celebrities and the jewellers themselves who keep on bringing the new collections. Generally, the designs which are luxurious in the appeal are showcased as a priority in the wedding season.

Everyone gives out there best. It is for you to decide which way to go and which designs to choose from.

As discussed above the occasion, skin tone everything matters.

7. Check your family heritage

There is a strong possibility that you may find some adornments in your family heritage, your mother, the grandmother may have the jewellery which may be highly suitable for your wedding.

​With the sentiments attached to the jewellery, the occasion can be worth it when you wear the same.

8. Authenticity

The amount of effort a jeweller puts in to create the jewellery is what makes them stand apart from others. You should always look out for the most genuine and authentic jewellers having hallmark over all their embellishments and quality tested.

​Conclusively, there is a need where you plan your day well, from the timing to the attire, from the attendee's list to your own entry. The list may never end, but this day should be worth remembering and you deserve to look your best on that day. Keep the above tips in mind when you go on to buy the jewellery for your wedding.